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Welcome to Vibro Technical Services Ltd…

We are a privately owned company with years of experience in the processing of Rubber and Cork Rubber products. We offer an extensive range of anti-vibration products suitable for a wide range of applications.

Vibro Technical Services Ltd work with a broad spectrum of industries including; Rail, Petrochemical, Automotive, Marine and Nuclear. We manufacture a diverse range of products e.g. Anti-vibration sheets, Nuclear fuel pipe cleaning products, Anti slip flooring tiles, Moulded gaskets, seals and various extrusions and fenders, cork rubber and rubber bonded to PTFE’s and rubber to metal bonding supply pipe supports & hanging systems.

We operate on site a Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001, 2000 that enables us to satisfy our customer’s demands of controlled manufacture of product.

Products & Services

• ‘O’ Rings        • Isolation Wrap          • Machinery Mountings          • Moulded Profile

• Anti Vibration  • Slide Bearings          • Flexible Rubber Bellows      • Mountings

• Clip strips       • Trailer Mats             • Industrial Heavy Duty Mats    • Extrusions

• ‘U’ Bolts          • Marine Anti Slip       • Plastic Mouldings                   • Track Pads

• Bellows           • Flange Gaskets      • Heat Exchangers                  • Cork Rubber

• Flooring           • Asbestos Free        • Fortiflex Mouldings                • Pig Assemblies

• Gaskets          • Fenders                  • Fortiflex Containers               • Rubber Mouldings

• PTFE              • Fabrications            • Rubber / Metal Bonding