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Vibro GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) open grid is a moduled panel manufactured by interweaving non-metallic beading bars under tension within a resin matrix.

This process produces a corrosion resistant panel with excellent load-bearing properties which weighs considerably less than ttraditional materials.

Vibro GRP open grid flooring is designed to be used primarily as a non-slip structural walk-way, although its many other uses include stairheads, covers, grilles and gratings.

Specifiers and end users alike are realising that the initial cost of Vibro GRP flooring in hostile environments is more than compensated for, by eliminating high inspection and replacement costs.

Typical applications include chemical manufacturing and storage, water, metal finishing, electronics, offshore oil, paper, food and brewing industries.

Maintenance Free

Does not rust or need any further attention.

Chemical Resistance

Has a high degree of chemical resistance and can be manufactured using different resins for special applications.


Has a silica grit impregnated surface ensuring worker safety in wet or slippery conditions.


Has an excellent strength/ weight ratio and will take similar loadings to alloy and steel.


Only half the weight of conventional materials.

Ease of Cutting

Can be worked on  site using ordinary tools.


Our standard colour is blue, but panels can be produced to your choice on special order.


Available in F.R. grade to BS476 part 7 class 11.

Thermally Stable

Nominal expansion and contraction.

Non Conductive

Is an excellent insulator.


Will not support bacterial growth.

Non Sparking

No risk of igniting gasses.

Self Draining

Liquids run through open mesh configuration.

Potable Water

Approved for use with potable water.


We offer a range of square format panels in two depths- 26mm and 40mm. We also have rectangular pattern panel in a depth of 27mm. Isophthallic polyester resins are used as standard for good chemical resistance (see chart below). We also have a range of other resins so that we can tailor panels for specific aggressive environments.


Vibro GRP flooring is used in much the same way as ordinary steel flooring. It should preferably have a continuous edge support of 50mm and each individual piece of flooring should be fixed using four clips. Where panel;s butt together and are unsupported, as on a long walkway, two connecting clips should be used per joint. This prevents any differential deflection causing a trip hazard. Supports such as kerb angles with grouting lugs can be supplied in GRP.

The panels are lightweight and very easy to cut on site using hand or power tools. The recommended jig saw blades are Bosch (or equivalent) T140HM for 40mm deep flooring and T130 for 26mm. Angle grinders and bench saws can also be used, and care must always be taken to avoid inhaling the fibre glass dust.

Loading Charts

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