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By using Vibro GRP design engineers are offered enormous scope to beat corrosion problems. Maintenance-free, lightweight and high strength structures or supports can easily be provided which will out-perform traditional materials like steel and aluminium.

The Pultrusion Process

Our sections are manufactured by the pultrusion process which involves a combination of rovings to give longitudinal strength and strand fibreglass matt for transverse strength being impregnated with resin and coated before being pulled through a heated die to produced the required shape. Because the system is carefully monitored it ensures that a product with constant physical properties is produced.

A polyester resin system is used as standard with a U.V. inhibitor to ensure that the product resists the effects of sunlight. Where extremely harsh environments are to be encountered, Vibro GRP can offer sections manufactured from other resins, including vinylester.


As well as producing standard products from pultrusions such as our GRP ladder and handrailing systems which are mentioned below, Vibro will build virtually anything from GRP – imagination is the main limitation!

Because GRP offers an excellent service life in corrosive areas, it is ideally suited for use within industries like chemical and water. Typical areas of use include structural process equipment supports, tank supports, cooling tower components  supports for flooring, prefabricated platforms and walkways, pipe supports, cable tray and racking. it is also approved for use in potable water.

In House Design

Vibro GRP also offer an in-house design service and we are happy to advise customers and to produce drawings.


Vibro GRP offer a wide variety of sections including- angle, channel, box, square and round tube, rod, flat sheet, I and H beams and a kerb angle with built in grouting lugs for setting in concrete. Our standard sections range from a 25 x 25 x 3mm angle to a 203 x 203 x 9.5mm beam, but subject to tooling, we can also produce special sections to the customers own design.


GRP is very easy to work and install. It can be drilled, sawn, punched and bonded with ease. Ordinary power tools or even hand tools can be used, but we recommend diamond tipped blades for high volume cutting.

For support work beams are fastened together using GRP cleats, and sections can be bonded using epoxy adhesives.

All cuts should be sealed with resin, and we offer a two pack kit which is simply mixed and brushed on the edges to be treated. This is standard practice for all panels cut in-house.

Vibro GRP will supply structures reassembled or in modular kit form. Please contact our technical department for further information. During fabrication standard Health & Safety procedures should be followed.