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Oil & Gas

Vibro Tech have supplied the Oil and Gas Industry with a range of high performance products to meet the severe environments of offshore and onshore applications. The range of products have been developed to reduce noise and vibration over a range of frequencies, Composite Bearings designed to absorb impact and allow movement within the structure.

  • Flange Gaskets and Jointings   –   Precision cut gaskets to any required profile in a wide range of materials for both high and low temperatures and chemical resistance maintaining seal integrity. Products available in Cork Rubber, PTFE, Asbestos Free and high performance elastomers.
  • Pipe Support Products   –   U Bolts ( Guide and Grip ) designed to support and reduce noise and vibration in a wide range of elastomeric materials to meet a variety of applications. U Bolts are available in both Stainless Steel and Galvanised finish.
  • Vibro Clip   –   Moulded profile designed to reduce noise and vibration transmission between pipe and support structure. Vibro Clips are available in a wide range of materials to meet the demands of hazardous environments. more…
  • Structural Bearings   –   Produced in a range of composite constructions to exhibit excellent load bearing characteristics, impact isolation and vibration control.
  • Slider Bearings   –   Designed to allow movement within the support structure.
  • Hydraulic seals and precision mouldings   –   A range of precision moulded and machined products designed exibit seal integrity in a wide scope of application conditions.