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A range of products produced in resilient materials to reduce and isolate noise, vibration and impact attenuation on track, switches and crossings. The materials offer electrical insulation coupled with durability and energy absorption.

  • Baseplate Pads   –    produced in Resilient, Cork Rubber and EVA materials
  • Structural Bearings   –    produced in a range of composite constructions to exhibit excellent load bearing conditions, impact isolation and vibration control.
  • Gaskets and Gasket sheets   –   A range of Gasket materials available in precision cut form from a wide range of elastomeric and engineering plastics to suit a wide range of track applications. Materials are also available in sheet form.
  • A range of Asbestos Free materials   –    designed for both high and low temperature applications.
  • Switches and Crossings   –   Pads cut to required lay out patterns